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Francis Ngannou

Humble beginnings

Born on September 5th, 1986 in the village of Batié in West Cameroon which is the pillar country of the Central Africa region, Francis Ngannou is the fourth child of five siblings. Because of an obsolete educational system that did not embrace uniqueness and differences, Francis was constantly rejected and could never “fit”.
Coming from a very poor family, he stopped going to school and had to work alongside adults in a sand mines from the age of 10. Barely being able to afford primarly needs, he left his native village barefeet and alone to reach Douala, the conomic capital of Cameroon hoping for a better life

After living in the streets of Douala for years, being approached by many gangs, being tempted by all kinds of illicit activities in an horrendous environment;
This is in 2012, at the age of 25 with the dream of becoming a professional boxer that Francis decided in a surge of desperation and paradoxally of great hope to leave Cameroon to reach Europe. He did so by sea and finally after a 2-month dangerous and tumultuous journey toward the unknown through forests, deserts and the Mediterannean Sea where thousands perish every year, Francis arrived in Spain by boat. He became an undocumented immigrant and was jailed two months for illegally crossing the boarders.

Later on, he managed to arrive in France where he knew no one and had nothing. After being homeless in the street of Paris for months, he met Francis Carmont who introduced him to Fernand Lopez and the MMA Factory. Lopez gave Francis some MMA gear and allowed him to train and sleep at the gym for free. This was the start of Francis Ngannou’s beautiful career.

These humble beginnings are not a sad story for Francis who insists they shaped the mind-set and the lion spirit that led him to become the champion and the giant he is today.

Careers Highlights

100% Fight (France)

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship (US)

PFL - Professional Fighter League (US)

A Story of Faith, Perseverance and Strength

In Francis own words…

A Man of Vision

Starting from underneath the bottom, the opportunity for Francis to be able to finally have access to a MMA gym even if 6000 kilometers away from home has been larger than life as it turned around his and his family destiny.

He is forever grateful for it and undertsand that the bridge bewteen potential and sucess for many people around the world especially in poorer or developing countries is the opportunity.
Francis trully in his core grasps the value of being believed in, of being pushed, of being helped, of being accompanied and of being encouraged in every possible shape or form.

Today, as a quite successful individual, Francis Ngannou is on a personal mission to actively continue contrubituting to the development of the community that saw him grow and to the betterment of the World that saw him become a champion so many times.
His objective is to create and to induce as many opportunities as possible for as many human beings as possible.
To do so he created The Francis Ngannou Foundation first registered in Cameroon in 2018.

Chairman PFL Africa (Professional Fighter League)

In 2023, Francis Ngannou has been appointed the Chairman of PFL Africa.
Indeed, the worldwide reknown promotion that is the Professional Fighter League (PFL) will soon launch in Africa under the supervision of Francis Ngannou who fought and took many risks to find and negociate a new deal that would not only benefit him but that would foster opportunities to thousands and thousands of talents behind him.
It goes to show Francis Ngannou’s vision for his people and the World.

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Co-owner PFL Africa (Professional Fighter League

In 2023, Francis Ngannou signed a complete partnership contract with the Professional Fighter League (PFL) that is the biggest deal in MMA history.
The deal made him a co-owner of the Professional Fighter League Africa (PFL).

In Sport

Defended and Unified UFC Heavyweight Champion 2022

UFC Heavyweight Champion 2021

Performance of the Night six times (tied record)

2017 Knockout of the Year by World MMA Awards, ESPN, Bleach

In Life

Marvel Earth’s Mightiest Athlete 2021 of the ESPN Sport Humanitarian Awards

Medal of Commander of the National Order of Merit and Value of Cameroon

Rebel Moon (2023)

Fast & Furious 9 (2022)

Jackass Forever (2022)

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